Testing the Canadian Internet


Are you a municipality or community interested in your  broadband connectivity and readiness to be a smart city?

You might be the right partner for our community-led broadband measurement pilot project


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Who we are?

We are a team of researchers and professors at major Canadian universities looking for community partners for a pilot project to develop best practices for community-led broadband measurement and analysis. The non-profit, academic initiative is part of a long-term research project into the use of Internet measurement data in public policy in Canada.

What is community-led broadband measurement?

Most Internet measurement tools take a broad—national or even global—view of broadband performance, which can distort our understandings of how people experience the Internet in their daily lives. In order for a city to be “smart,” it requires robust digital connectivity at the community level. This project will partner with a Canadian municipality to measure Internet performance at a more local, fine-grained level. Blending technical Internet measurement with participatory research, this project seeks to develop best practices for community participation in crowdsourced research and to help other communities launch their own measurement projects.