About Our Team


Fenwick McKelvey, Director, is assistant professor of communication studies at Concordia University. His research examines algorithmic media—the intensification of software within communication infrastructure—with a focus on advanced Internet traffic management software and campaign management software. His writing has appeared in numerous journals, including Television and New Media, the International Journal of Communication, the European Journal of Cultural Studies, the Canadian Journal of Communication, Global Media Journal, and the Journal of Information Technology and Politics. He is coauthor of The Permanent Campaign: New Media, New Politics, and his book Internet Daemons is forthcoming from the University of Minnesota Press in 2018.

Evan Light is assistant professor of communication and organizations at the School of Translation, Glendon College, York University in Toronto. A long-time community media and policy advocate, he has been involved in communication policy work for more than twenty years. His current research focuses on contemporary issues of privacy and surveillance. He is creator of the Snowden Archive-in-a-Box and a collaborator with the Snowden Digital Surveillance Archive.

Reza Rajabiun (MA, LLM, PhD) is a competition policy and telecom strategy expert, with research interests in the provision of broadband infrastructure, assessment of the quality of broadband networks, and rural connectivity. His work on the design of competition regulation and the evolution of market systems has appeared in various academic journals, including Competition Law and EconomicsLaw and Development ReviewInformation Policy, and Telecommunications Policy. Dr. Rajabiun works with a variety of public-sector entities evaluating economic and financial aspects of broadband infrastructure development initiatives and with nonprofit organizations trying to improve Internet connectivity in under-served rural communities and accessibility of affordable communications services available to people with disabilities. He is a member of the advisory team Regional & Rural Broadband at the University of Guelph and the Technical Committee of the Intelligent Communities Forum Canada


Tom Hackbarth is a master’s student in media studies at Concordia University. His research interests focus on the accessibility of media production and the function of community media organizations. Prior to his graduate studies he taught media production at SPNN, a community media nonprofit in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Robert Hunt is a master’s student in media studies at Concordia University. His thesis research analyzes the ways digital media producers employ emotion and user data—and turn emotion into data—in their attempts to capture audiences’ attention online.